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Is your house, shop, office or workshop safe?

Brownies Electrical is committed to making Canberra safer. We offer free safety inspections and detailed reports. We can check your switchboard, wiring, smoke detectors and electrical fittings then let you know where your place could be safer for it occupants.

All houses need to be fitted with individual safety switches ( RCD’s ).

Your switchboard is the most important electrical component in your house, if the switchboard is not up to standard then the potential of electrocution is higher.

A large number of houses were built before earth leakage was introduced and also a large number were built before earth leakage was enforced. In the older style houses the final sub circuits were protected by fuses or later on circuit breakers, the fuses and circuit breakers were designed to blow or trip out at a determined current rating (e.g. 16amps for power points and 10amps for light circuits). They were simply installed to protect the cables in the walls from getting too hot from current and causing a fire. The problem is that it takes 0.03 of an amp to cross your heart to send you into cardiac arrest.

Earth leakage safety switches or residual current devices measure what current goes out on the active cable then also what comes back on the return neutral cable and if there is a difference of 30 milliamps the residual current devices will trip out. So in an electrocution situation the residual current devices would shut of the supply of power to that circuit before the current can reach a dangerous level.

Residual current devices are enforced now on all new homes for power & light circuits so they must be installed when homes are built. The authorities have also enforced that all work carried out by electricians must be protected to the standard of today, this means that if you would like a power point or a light installed in a house that circuit must be upgraded to Earth leakage if not already installed.

In most situations where no Earth leakage is installed in the switchboard it works out cheaper to upgrade all circuits at one time.

I always suggest upgrading the switchboard because it improves the safety of all people using power in the house.

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